Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions most often asked about how we run our community.

If you don’t find your question answered here, please send it to our team and we will reply as quickly as possible!

What is the difference between this Art Explorers AZ website and the Art Explorers Meetup website?

Glad that you asked! Lots!

This Art Explorers AZ (AEAZ) website:

  • is available to adults age 21 and over
  • members area and most events are closed to public view, protecting your privacy
  • is far more encompassing and progressive for our needs of working with community projects and artists
  • has an expanded profile with opportunities to communicate with others of like sub-groups (photography, hiking, painting, etc)
  • encourages a community of responsible adults with similar interests
  • has all 25-45+ events per month listed
  • will have all of the events listed first, so our AEAZ members will have First Choice
  • enjoys fewer and shorter wait lists for popular or unusual events
  • most of our events will be posted here on this AEAZ website non-shared, while only a few of all events will be posted to the AEMeetup website to be shared
    • these shared events will be of general interest and larger events such as a symphony, large lecture, or festival, etc
    • classes and workshops will be posted to both websites (if they don’t fill on AEAZ first)
    • has less credit card fees for ticketed events compared to AEMeetup fees, hence cheaper event cost
  •  will offer all limited availability events here first, such as Art Adventures with Kaz™ and others, and if they fill here, will never be posted to the AE Meetup site (if they were to be shared anyway)
  • will offer Select Events exclusive to us, such as Art Movie Night and Salon Learning Series™, which will take place in a private home setting with limited seating
  • will offer opportunities only here to have lunch with a famous Arizona artist at his/her place with our Great Arizona Artist Series™
  • will offer a sustainable solution for us to continue forward with our extensive research and scheduling, our community outreach projects, and the fun, new events we will be offering
  • is a paid membership for responsible adults interested in exploring art and culture with others of like-mind

Art Explorers on Meetup (AEMeetup):

  • is open to adults 21 and over in good standing
  • is free to join
  • is open to public view of your photo and your profile
  • uses a very limited platform geared only to listing events
  • all events are open to public view
  • has long wait lists for unusual or popular events
  • is subject to people no showing or canceling at last minute
  • is difficult to develop a community of responsible, committed members
  • has only about 6-8 public events per month listed
  • shared events are listed after they are first listed on AEAZ
  • access to some special events only if they do not fill first on AEAZ
  • Never has access to the special Select Events or Great Arizona Artist Series™
  • is subject to expensive credit card fees added by Meetup making ticketed events more expensive than here on AEAZ

If you like what you experience on AEMeetup, and meet some of our AEAZ members and would like MORE, or…you want the full-spectrum of offerings, then please join Art Explorers AZ!

What is the difference between signing up for the Newsletter, and Joining the Membership?

Vast difference!

The Newsletter is independent from the Membership and can be subscribed to by anyone.  I will send out occasional Newsletters to those who have opted in.

This website is by paid Membership and you can Join by going to the Home Page and clicking on the Join Us Now button within the big Purple box on the right side of the page.

Please DO read the rest of the FAQ’s to understand what to expect during the registration process.

What is the cost to join Art Explorers Az?

Membership is by paid subscription from date joined of $25 per year for the Silver level, with additional Gold and Platinum levels for an optimum experience and opportunity to help fund worthy projects.  For detailed information about what each membership level provides, please click on the Join Us Now button.

There is no trial period, and there are no refunds. You are welcome to attend a free event we will be at to meet some members/ hosts in our group and see if it’s a good fit for you. You also have 30 days to upgrade to a higher level for more benefits. We have made this a reasonable price for the 25-50+ skillfully organized events that we offer per month, including some Select Events.

So, for about $2.50 per month for a Silver membership (less than a single cup of coffee at Starbucks), most people feel our efforts to provide quality and a diversity of events with a responsible community of people of like interests, are worth at least that.

Note that most events are hidden from public view!  You may check our Events page with some Free events for an idea of what we do, read what others are saying about us, or talk with one of our AEAZ members at a shared event.

Still undecided? Contact Kaz.

All levels will automatically renew on your credit card unless you cancel your subscription in writing at least 14 days prior to your renewal date.  To pay by cash, check or money order, please Contact Kaz.

What is the Comparison of Memberships?


  • All membership levels have Lower fees for our ticketed events, compared to the same shared event if listed on AEMeetup website (due to the higher CC fees on Meetup)
  • Be a part of some very important and exciting Community Outreach programs that we will be facilitating this year and beyond


  • Advance notice to any shared event listings with AEMeetup (when possible)
    • If a limited RSVP event fills up on AEAZ, it will not be listed on AEMeetup
  • Access to private, inclusive, arts and cultural Select Events and Salon Learning Series. We have arranged them just for AEAZ.  (Per event fees may apply)
  • Upgrade to a Gold, or Platinum level for full-access, apply your fees paid within 30 days of sign-up!
  • Access up to 50 events each month forless than $2.50 per month


  • Advance notice to any shared event listings with AEMeetup (when possible)
  • Access to private, inclusive, arts and cultural Select Events and Salon Learning Series. We have arranged them just for AEAZ
  • Priority RSVP for Select Events such as Art Movie NightSalon Learning SeriesGreat Arizona Artists and more
  • Enjoy 10% off Select Events all year long
  • Upgrade to a different Gold, or Platinum level for full-access, apply your fees paid within 30 days of sign-up!
  • Pleasure in helping fund some very important and exciting Community Outreach collaborations this year and beyond
  • Other benefits depending on your Gold level


* Additional funds from this level are put into a special bank account to be used to help fund community outreach projects, scholarships, and other worthy projects.

  • Advance notice to any shared event listings with AEMeetup (when possible)
  • Private, inclusive, arts and cultural Select Events and Salon Learning Series. We have arranged them just for AEAZ!
  • Priority RSVP for Select Events such as Art Movie NightSalon Learning SeriesGreat Arizona Artists and more.
  • Enjoy 10% off Select Events all year long.
  • Receive 1 of 12 limited edition miniature etchings (value $250) by Kaz, made exclusively for this Art Explorers AZ membership level!
  • Pleasure in helping fund some very important and exciting Community Outreach collaborations this year and beyond

PLUS if you subscribe to the $1,000+ levels you will receive as our thanks for your generous support:

  • 6 free Select Events per year

Can anyone join?

  • Human adults age 21 and over are encouraged to join!
  • Be in good standing in our Meetup AE group, if applicable
  • One individual of a couple may join and add their significant other as a plus 1 to each event sign up
    • There occasionally are limited events that prohibit a plus 1
    • It is recommended that each part of a couple sign up individually for maximum benefit and flexibility and expression of their individuality

What are Select Events and how do they differ from “regular” events?

Excellent question!  Regular events are open to all membership levels, and some events are also shared on AEMeetup website.  Most of AEAZ events are free to attend, while some have inherent fees such as museum entrance fees, or dinners, or theater plays, etc. These fees are usually pay-on-your-own.

Select Events are invitations for private, inclusive, selected cultural and arts events and presentations such as the Art Movie Nights, Salon Learning Series, Great Arizona Artist Series, and other one-of-a-kind events that we will be scheduling throughout the year. Select Events are visible to and accessed by the Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships only on this AEAZ website.  These are very special events with usually limited seating.  Please read more about them on the Select Events page by clicking on that link on the menus.

Most Select Events will have a reasonable fee to attend as they require expenditures to procure. Please compare the different membership plans to understand fee requirements.

If you joined in a particular membership plan and within 30 days realize that you would like to upgrade to a higher plan, please contact Kaz to apply your original membership fee to a higher level.

Do I need to use a recognizable photo and give my real name to become a Member?



a) I want to be able to recognize who is coming to our events! It was very frustrating in the Meetup group to not know who someone was when they used a photo of their dog, or an art piece.  I can understand their concerns when the profiles were visible to the public!  They are NOT available to the public here!

b) This is a private website where we are striving to attract conscious, reliable, honest members who are interested in being part of a community of the same. If someone is a “looker” and doesn’t want to be included in this concept, then these requirements will not be attractive to them.

c) Your real name s ONLY visible to Kaz!  You may opt to use a “handle”, or initials, or a nickname, or make up a name for your actual profile name that is visible to other members. There fore, your real name is not associated with your photo, and nothing is accessible by the public.

Do I have to give personal info?

Yes. Why? Because this is a private website where we are interested in attracting Members who are real and interested in becoming an integral  part of this community.

Who sees my personal information? No one but Kaz!  Your name, billing info, and email are only available to Kaz.  Any other personal info that you decide to put on your profile is seen by other Members, but not the public!

What does Kaz do with your info? NOTHING!  Your personal information is NEVER divulged to anyone else unless she has a court-order to do so!

Privacy and Security are a PRIORITY here!

Why doesn't my password work? Why do I have to keep resetting it?

This is a common problem with some members, and there is a very simple explanation – your password is too simple! In this day and age of sophisticated robot and human hacking, it has become mandatory that EACH member use a STRONG password for this website!

“But, I don’t have to do that on other websites”, you say. Not yet! By the end of this year, virtually ALL websites will be requiring very strong and complicated passwords to safeguard the personal details of their members! We are getting a jump-start on it, so REJOICE that we are being very pro-active in safeguarding the personal data of our members!

What kind of a strong password is required?  Without giving away details to any hackers reading this, your password should use many SYMBOLS, NUMBERS, and CAPITAL letters. Spacing them out with regular letters is optimal. In other words, using a common word with the symbols, numbers, and capital letters strung out behind is still easily hack-able!

A member recently became upset when she couldn’t use her business name with a 1 behind it!  Seriously!  That was SO easy to hack!  She reset her password 5 times, using the same thing, so she was not able to access the website! Nor would she upload a photo, and refused to comply, so she was not a good candidate as a member for this website!

If you are constantly having to reset your password, and you are using the SAME one, or a minor variation of it, then it is too easy and your access to this website will be limited!  We would love you to stay, but we will not compromise the security for people who insist on using an easy password!

NOTE:  Your financial information IS NOT stored on our website! Only your personal contact information.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact Kaz.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation in keeping this a strong and secure website!

Why can't I upload my photo?

The most common reason is because the photo is too large. Re-size it to 50% and try again…but be sure to refresh your browser window before you attempt to upload the new size. 

With larger images capable on new phones and cameras, the individual image is much too large for the limits set by nearly all websites, as it is over-kill to have the same resolution quality for a web page as it is to print an image…and the excess image quality eats up web space.

You may have to attempt to upload the new size a couple of time, and be sure to refresh your browser window, too.

And…please wait for the green uploading bar on the bottom right to finish!  The page will reload with a message that says, “Your photo has uploaded successfully”. If you leave the uploading page while the green bar is still there, your photo will not finish uploading and you will be confused as to why you can’t access the website. Have patience while waiting for the photo to upload – it only takes less than a minute, really less than 30 seconds…which for some people may seem like an eternity!  : )

If after all that you continue to have issues, please contact Kaz

Why can I not see/rsvp/purchase events (get a 404 page)?

We understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to access pages!

Three possible scenarios are happening:

    1. Different membership levels offer access to some special events that other levels do not. It is one of the perks of being part of those membership levels.
    2. Another possibility is that the AEAZ website is currently Beta version meaning that we are still tweaking pieces and sometimes this can cause pages to not show up. Try refreshing your browser window and if it still shows, then please try again later in the day. If you still are having issues, than please Contact Kaz and let us know in detail what is happening. Every person who communicates with us helps us improve the site faster making it a better experience for everyone.
    3. If you are experiencing a 404 page and you are logged into the website, your Browser cache may be interfering. Please try the following:
      1. Refresh your Browser window
      2. Reboot your computer if you don’t regularly turn it off – the cache will keep you coming back to the same 404 page
      3. Clear the cache back farther than when the errant page began happening!  This is a more drastic step, but may be required to purge your cache from the errant 404 page. We know that some operating systems (Windows 10 for one) will give some people some difficulty in clearing the cache and keep an errant page appearing.
      4. Try using a different Browser window, or try using a different computer to see if the 404 page appears. If it doesn’t, then your Browser needs clearing, so try the above steps.

Please know that we are actively checking the website pages with different access points to assure an optimal experience for you!  Thank you for your patience while we continue to streamline this website to run even better.

How many events do I have to attend per month or time period?

Unlike some groups, AEAZ does not have any minimum restrictions, so if you have other important things to see and do and are away from us for a while, then that’s OK! We will welcome you back when you have time to join back in again.

Many members are “snowbirds” from afar, and come back to us when they are in town for a week, a month, or a winter! Our membership fee is reasonable enough to allow this.

What is your RSVP Policy?

All events have RSVP requests, while most events are “loose” as far as keeping attendance.

It is nice, though, to know how many people might attend a large event such as a symphony so we can save seats and not have empty ones when the performance starts. So we do request that you take less than 10 seconds to change your yes to no should your plans change.

For Restaurant RSVP’s or events with a Wait List, or certain Tours or special events where Art Explorers has to put their name and reputation on the line, or pay a certain fee, Yes we do Require that you be responsible to show up when you say you will.

We have a Strict No Show/Late Cancellation Policy!  Please read about that below in this FAQ section.

What is your Strict No Show/Late Cancel Policy?

We take our responsibility very seriously to arrange for critical RSVP’s to restaurant reservations and popular limited attendance events such as Tours, and ask that you do also. No Shows and late cancellations can jeopardize AEAZ’s relationship with these establishments, and it usually deprives a fellow member of an opportunity to attend. It will always be noted in the event description as such, or added to an event when a wait list occurs.

Please read the following carefully as claiming to “not know there is such a policy” is not valid.

Art Explorers AZ Strict No Show/Late Cancel Policy pertains to:

  • All restaurant events where an RSVP has been made
  • All Wright House Tours/All Historical Tours/ All Tours that have been booked with an RSVP for the group
  • All events that have a Wait List
  • Any event that is designated in the event description as having our Strict No Show/Late Cancel Policy

Failure to show up for an event in the categories above, or canceling your RSVP within 6 hours of the start of the event (or any time period specified in the actual event) will be considered a No Show



We want to be flexible because, after all, ‘Life Happens’…yet, to be fair to us, your fellow members, and the venues we frequent, you are expected to be responsible to show up if you have signed up, or — change your RSVP in time for someone else to find out they are moved off the Wait List and be able to prepare to attend.

Consider this remedy:

  1. Sign up only if you are certain you can attend.  Consider it a Serious Commitment and add it to your calendar
  2.  Change your RSVP at least 6 hours in advance and preferably the day before if you find you need to cancel
  3. Contact Kaz or the Host by phone (usually listed in RSVP events) if there is a True Emergency.

We do keep a List of those who “No Show” to specific RSVP events. Expect that there will be consequences if you do not attend a restricted RSVP event and do not cancel within time frames, and especially do not contact the Host:

  • Being on the No Show List may mean you won’t be able to attend further specific RSVP events
  • Two irresponsible No Shows and you will be removed from the group


What happens if there is an emergency that prevents you from attending and there is no time or way to change your RSVP?

Always contact Kaz and explain your situation!

How can I become a Host?

So glad that you asked!  We are always looking for the right mix of people to host our events – to have multiple hosts with their own personalities to bring into the mix is optimal.

So that everyone starts out on the same page and that we have the consistency that members look for at an event, we:

  • show up early to secure seating
  • greet people with a friendly attitude
  • are able to switch gears when plans go awry
  • operate with professionalism while still being personable
  • we actually help train our hosts and co-host with them until they feel comfortable on their own

We have established a ‘Thank You’ program for hosts to reward them for spending time and money to travel to and attend events.  As far as we know, we are the only ones doing this…because we really do care about our Team!

Why do we do all of this?  When I attended numerous  other group events before founding AEAZ, most of the hosts didn’t even bother showing up, or they were unfriendly and never greeted me or introduced anyone, and generally stuck with their little click of friends on their own. Even worse was when some male hosts thought it a great opportunity to hit on the women…or female hosts using the position to hit on men!  NOT in Art Explorers AZ!  We are NOT a singles/dating group!  We strive to provide safe and skillfully organized events for your enjoyment and peace of mind!

If you love interacting with people, and think you can learn to lead a group, and you would like to invite your AEAZ friends along to the events you want to see, then wing us an email to We look forward to talking with you soon!